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Drywall Solutions Throughout Bakersfield, CA.

Located in Bakersfield, CA. We pride ourselves in providing quality and attention-to-detail work, competitive pricing, timely turnaround, and schedule-driven execution.

Performing interior and exterior work on hundreds of commercial and residential projects in Bakersfield, CA. and surrounding areas!

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Quality Home Remodels in Bakersfield, CA.

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Customizing your home from the ground up almost sounds too good to be true. Yet we will bring it to life. We can turn those sketches you have drawn, the lists of must-haves, and photos you love, into a reality. Your ideas become a home that creates memories for many years to come.


Days start and end in the bathroom. The most used room in the house, a spacious and well designed bathroom greatly improves daily life. Absolute Drywall has the remodeling experience you want and need, to bring your dream to reality. Let's create a bathroom that makes life better.


The heart of the home, the space where family meals come together, and memories are made. A kitchen is morning coffee, late-night conversation and the family workspace. Whether you love a modern look or enjoy a relaxed family-focused design, Absolute Drywall will bring your idea lo life.

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