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Drywall Solutions Throughout Bakersfield, CA.

Located in Bakersfield, CA. We pride ourselves in providing quality and attention-to-detail work, competitive pricing, timely turnaround, and schedule-driven execution.

Performing interior and exterior work on hundreds of commercial and residential projects in Bakersfield, CA. and surrounding areas!

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A successful project must begin with a budget. If you don't know where to start in developing one, that's okay. By working with one of our experienced estimators we can help you get an idea of cost and the total expense of your finished project.

Payment Schedule

Once a budget is established, the next critical question is, "How am I going to pay for this?" If you, like many, cannot finance the project personally. Absolute Drywall will work with you to put a payment schedule in place. We love to see our clients achieve their home improvement goals.


Now the fun begins: design! Now it is time for drawings. Drawings are almost as important as nails. We start with listening to you, your goals, and your non-negotiable's, or must-haves. We'll help guide you to the best decisions, advising on construction feasibility and other considerations. After one to three meetings with an architect/designer, POOF! You have a design.


An estimate is a collaboration of figures collected from materials, job specifics, and timeline. All play a role in generating your estimate. Typically customers prefer a lump sum estimate, in which we generate a detailed scope narrative outlining and explaining exactly what work we will perform. For unknown costs (such as tile and/or faucet selections) we can provide a reasonable allowance to account for these within our estimate. We go to great lengths to produce an estimate that "leaves no stone unturned."


Now we start construction/destruction. We will have a pre-construction meeting with all involved parties to get everyone on the same page with respect to process, estimated timeline, potential unpredictable setbacks, etc. This makes for a great start and goes a long way in preventing miscommunication and delays.


At the end of your project we conduct a walk-through, adding finishing touches on the little details and testing all the electrical and plumbing.

Receive a FREE in-home estimate with an experienced general contractor in Bakersfield today!

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